Ace Marketing Muscle

SKILLS: Concepting, Brand Development, Digital and Print Design and Asset Management

SOFTWARE: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat & Excel

Design themed campaign collateral for new cross-channel media strategy. The accessible assets would reside via a central online platform offered as a membership service to Ace retail owners. Content within a campaign (print or digital) would be customizable for the owner’s targeted local consumers.  

Successfully created marketing assets for both product themes and promotional events – responsive mobile ads, emails, social media posts and headers, direct mail, print ads, keypad ads, in-store and outdoor signage and billboards. Once approved and saved in specific formats and naming convention, the campaigns were uploaded to a partnering agency’s ftp to be coded and made live on Ace Marketing Muscle’s site. With over 130 campaign individual themes created (plus additional versions of each), having between 5-15 assets in individual sets, nearly 5,000 assets were produced.

In the span of the first 10 months of being rolled out, over 40% of all Ace Hardware stores worldwide utilized the Ace Marketing Muscle platform. Ace franchisee owners and marketing executives considered it an outstanding success.

Once an Ace franchisee member logs onto Ace Marketing Muscle, an extensive variety of marketing assets can be utilized. They can include – Ace campaigns, annual promotions, “Best Brands” themes, seasonal events and general product themes.

A sampling of the Ace campaign – “Your Help Wanted” assets – window posters, emails, mobile responsive ads, social media, print ads, flyers and a looping web video.